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Staff and Chair Schedule
TimePrimary FacilitatorBackup FacilitatorOpen/CloseChairpersonTopic
Monday 8:30 amBigECOVEREDElisaTBA
Monday 1:30 pmJoeF52TBAALGTBA
Monday 6:30 pmJDTBAkeng0892TBA
Monday 9:30 pmJamesDTBASober BettyBeginner

Tuesday 8:30 amTBAOpenTBA
Tuesday 1:30 pmJoeF52TBADebHasPeaceTBA
Tuesday 6:30 pmTBAlemonzTBA
Tuesday 9:30 pmJAnthonyCOVEREDkeng0892TBA

Wednesday 8:30 amBigECOVEREDOpenTBA
Wednesday 1:30 pmJoeF52TBAALGBeginners
Wednesday 6:30 pmTBAkeng0892Traditions Meeting
Wednesday 9:30 pmJAnthonyUnity/ProgressCOVEREDJenn888TBA

Thursday 8:30 amJoeF52TBAbarbjd106TBA
Thursday 1:30 pmJoeF52TBAOPENTBA
Thursday 6:30 pmTBA<(*_*)>GlobalLovePeaceTBA
Thursday 9:30 pm ProgressCOVEREDkeng0892TBA

Friday 8:30 amBigEPoeTBA
Friday 1:30 pmTBAOPENTBA
Friday 6:30 pmJDTT, sober alcoholicCOVEREDbarbjd106TBA
Friday 9:30 pmTBAbrady j3rd Friday Speaker Mtg

Saturday 8:30 amBigETBAOpenTBA
Saturday 3:00 pmJoeF52ThrdTradTBAElisaTBA
Saturday 6:30 pmTT, sober alcoholic TBAALGTBA
Saturday 9:30 pmProgressG_willopenSaturday Night Step

Sunday 8:30 amBigETBAAgent RavenTBA
Sunday 3:00 pmThrdTradJoeF52TBAKeng0892Big Book Mtg/1st Sunday Speaker Mtg
Sunday 6:30 pmTT, sober alcoholicTBAMichael ALast Sunday Birthday Meeting
Sunday 9:30 pmJamesDTBA<(*_*)>GlobalLovePeaceTBA
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All chair request pending the approval of Primary Facilitator of meeting.

Unless other arrangements were made with the Meeting Primary, always try to be at the meeting at least a half hour early and let the meeting primary know you're here as soon as you see them and that you've signed up to chair the meeting.


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