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Staff and Chair Schedule
TimePrimary FacilitatorBackup FacilitatorOpen/CloseChairpersonTopic/Meeting Type
Monday 8:30 amBigE/EricHopeHPeterLCookie Lady/SherylTo Be Announced
Monday 1:30 pmkerryjeanOPENEllejayTBA
Monday 6:30 pmJD/JoannMason/DanielOPENAg70/DawnTBA
Monday 9:30 pmJAnthonyCork23/JoannGirlEclectic/GinaBeginner

Tuesday 8:30 amHopeHMason/DanielloganOPENTBA
Tuesday 1:30 pmMarieOPENOPENTBA
Tuesday 6:30 pmkerryjeanOPENCarolynTBA
Tuesday 9:30 pmJAnthonyMason/DanielOPENTBA

Wednesday 8:30 amBigE/EricHopeHOPENGraceinAATBA
Wednesday 1:30 pmkenny gkenny gloganBeginner
Wednesday 6:30 pmMason/DanielOPENCookie Lady/SherylTBA
Wednesday 9:30 pmJAnthonyUnity/LouMason/DanielTxEngTchr/SherriAsk It Basket

Thursday 8:30 amHopeHOPENOPENTBA
Thursday 1:30 pmAgent Raven/RachelOPENCarolynTBA
Thursday 6:30 pmTTSober Alclc/TinaOPENdeni/DeniseTBA
Thursday 9:30 pm Mason/DanielUnity/LouTxEngTchr/Sherrisonicdread/AdamTBA
Friday 8:30 amBigEHopeHOPENOPENTBA
Friday 1:30 pmkenny gMason/DanielOPENOPENAA Literature
Friday 6:30 pmJD/JoannMason/DanielOPENgreggieTBA
Friday 9:30 pmMarieOPENOPENOPENBig Book

Saturday 8:30 amBigE/EricOPENEbi-Wan/EricTBA
Saturday 3:00 pmpeterpMarieloganOPENBeginner(1,2,3)
Saturday 6:30 pmTT/TinaMason/DanielPeterLSober AngelTBA
Saturday 9:30 pmMarieUnity/LouOPENAg70/DawnStep Meeting

Sunday 8:30 amOPENOPENAgent Raven/RachelBig Book
Sunday 3:00 pmAgent Raven/RachelOPENPeterLSweden/PeterLTBA/ (First Sunday Speakers-TT)
Sunday 6:30 pmTT/Tinasonicdread/AdamSober AngelTBA/ (Last Sunday Birthdays~JD)
Sunday 9:30 pmTxEngTchr/Sherrisonicdread/AdamTBA
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Please choose the meeting you wish to Chair from the following list. Remember that all times listed are in Eastern [US] Time.
60 days sobriety, and final approval from the meetings's Primary Facilitator required to Chair.
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Click the checkbox if you want to chair only one certain meeting and not be committed to chair for a month or more.

Unless other arrangements were made with the Meeting Primary, always try to be in the room
at least a half hour before the meeting begins. If you are not signed up to Chair a particular meeting, and a volunteer is needed,
please feel free to step up on an as needed basis. Your service here is greatly appreciated!


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